How To Do Pay Per Click Right

Pay Per Click Conversion

What is Pay per Click?

All of the major search engines like Bing and Google let people buy listings to appear in specific search results.  The results that occur are in the paid-search results columns on the right side of a search result or at the top of the page before the organic, non-paid results.  The process of pay-per-click includes choosing a particular ad, a phrase, or a keyword.  Once you’ve chosen one that fits your website, you place a bid on the phrase or keyword.  If you’ve placed the highest bid, you’re naturally the one who gets the chance to be placed at the top on the search results. A score called a quality score also determines this spot too and determines whether you get to the top even with the highest bid. When you place at the top and a client chooses your site, the search engine directs the user to your site.  You’re charged the amount you made a bid for, the amount is increased with how many people click on the link.

Disadvantages of Pay-per-click

The costs can rise quickly.  It is important for the business manager to watch the number of keywords they want and the type of keyword.  Popular words gain higher bids, while less popular words have lesser costs. A marketer who chooses the popular words all the time can wrack up high charges within thirty minutes.  The more people want the keyword, the higher the bids.  This means that the costs of an ad can rise higher than it started if more than two people want to rank high using a particular keyword.

A business must calculate its costs when it comes to pay-per-click. It must determine whether the expense of the ad justifies the response from the people who clicked on the ad. This way, they are able to avoid high losses. The marketer has to strike a balance in order to avoid gaining more expenses than profits from the pay-per-click campaign.

Advantages of Pay-per-click

The best part about this type of marketing is that it gets fast response. The more you’re willing to spend, the faster you’ll get top place in searches. Customers who’re interested in your industry find the business more easily. The trick is to write a very good advertisement that offers thorough information with authority.  Response may happen within minutes of the ad placement.
This type of search engine ranking is different from the organic type. In this case, the page doesn’t have to wait weeks to rise up the ranks of previous pages.  It is simply at the top and on the first page.  The marketer is able to make any adjustments to increase how high a page ranks, how much cost is expected and even change the words to accommodate changing trends. A good marketer will understand the type of keyword to choose to get a deal instead of popular words that cost more.  They’re able to redefine the search to get cheaper rates, reducing expenses.

Pay-per-Click Conversions

A conversion has to be worth your pay-per-click expense.  That means a visitor to your site either purchases your product, or pays for your service. It can also mean that a visitor fills out a form for you to reach them later.  Most times, you want them to sign up for a newsletter to keep them appraised of your business.  You may want them to download information from your site in the form of e-books, or other products you’ve set up. For a successful pay-per-click conversion rate, you must decide what goal you want to achieve before you start.

It is important first, to know what it is you’re selling.  Do you want to gain more web traffic?  Are you selling a product?  Do you want more people to learn about your brand?  The answers to these questions must be answered before you decide on the campaign.  Most people want to get money back for the money they’ve spent.  If you feel you can’t sell your product from the clicks that come to your site, then don’t engage in a pay-per-click campaign. You’ll loss marketing dollars very quickly.  Define what your goal for the campaign is, then find a way to measure what your visitors are doing on your site.  A good PPC manager will help you develop a good landing page and measure your conversions.  If you just bring visitors to your home page, they may not know what to do and just leave.  You have just lost a good prospect in that case because you do not know how to manage them.

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